LIE: We’ve made 20,000 bunkers along the border

Modi Lies

The government has only cleared the orders to the Jammu and Kashmir government for building 14,460 bunkers along the border as against the claim made by the PM that 20,000 bunkers have been built. Read More Here:

March 28, 2019

LIE: Influence of terrorists and terrorism has been curtailed and it is going to be curtailed even more

Modi Lies

Here are the official number of incidents released by the Ministry of Home Affairs which clearly state how terrorism has increased since Modi government has come to power. No. of Incidents 2014: 2222015: 2082016: 3222017: 3422018: 614 Read More Here: Image Courtesy: Dainik Bhaskar  

March 1, 2019

LIE: We have given a strong reply to terrorists

Modi Lies

As per US home department report, India has replaced Pakistan as third-most affected country (after Iraq and Afghanistan) due to terrorism. Casualties in Naxalism-affected regions have gone up by 16% and people injured have increased by 50%. During 2006-12, the number of casualties of security forces came down from 182 to 15 (lowest during 28 years of militancy). The […]

November 27, 2018