Lie: In the last 4 years, MSP growth has increased 3 times

Modi Lies

Modi government has completely failed to address the agriculutural crises in the country. Their failures have led to them lying blatantly. The aggregate average growth of the MSP (all crops) during the UPA II rule was 11.28%, while that under the NDA government has been reduced 4.91%. Read More Here: Image Courtesy: Live Mint

February 16, 2019

LIE: Surgical strike was called Jumla strike

Modi Lies

Mr. Modi in his no confidence speech attacked Congress President Rahul Gandhi by saying that he called the surgical strike a jumla. The very first thing that the PM needs to do is listening to his fellow members in the parliament. Mr. Gandhi never mentioned the surgical strike at all in his speech during the […]

July 20, 2018

LIE: Farmer welfare is a priority for us

Modi Lies

Over 12,000 farmers commit suicide every year. This is an alarming number. The central government has done nothing in terms of a policy to bring this number down. The policies of this government are highly flawed and misrepresented. Not getting the right price for their crop is one of the key reasons for farmer suicides. […]

May 2, 2018