LIE: I used email to transmit a photograph in 1987-88

Modi Lies

PM Modi in an interview to News Nation made the following statement: “I first used a digital camera in 1987-’88, and at the time, very few people had email. There was a rally of LK Advani’s and I clicked a picture of him on my camera… I had it that time. Then I transmitted the […]

May 12, 2019

LIE: I have promised to create a new water ministry (jal shakti) which will overlook how water reaches every household. This is the first time such an initiative will be taken

Modi Lies

Not only is the PM hell bent on stealing previous governments’ credit but also on creating new ministries which already exist. In 2011, Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation was created by the UPA government in view of the importance given to the sector by the then govt. Read More Here: Image Courtesy: MoneyControl   […]

May 3, 2019

LIE: All departments should have enough freedom to even raid my house. I will never interfere in their work

Modi Lies

An IAS officer was suspended for leading a search on the helicopter of PM Narendra Modi during his visit to Odisha, where the bureaucrat was deployed as a poll observer. Modi’s actions never match what he says, bringing out his hypocrisy and lies at every step. Read More Here:

April 26, 2019