LIE: In the agriculture sector, Madhya Pradesh is no.1 in all of India

Modi Lies

On the contrary, data suggests otherwise. 11,000 farmers have committed suicide in the state in 9 years, as per MP Crime Records Bureau. There were 1090 suicides in agri-sector in 2013, 1198 in 2014, 1290 in 2015 and 1321 in 2016. What’s worse is that it’s the same BJP government that shot at protesting farmers in Mandsaur which killed 6 farmers. Read More Here: […]

November 18, 2018

LIE: Farmer welfare is a priority for us

Modi Lies

Over 12,000 farmers commit suicide every year. This is an alarming number. The central government has done nothing in terms of a policy to bring this number down. The policies of this government are highly flawed and misrepresented. Not getting the right price for their crop is one of the key reasons for farmer suicides. […]

May 2, 2018