LIE: The opposition will resort to spreading fake news, allegations, abuses etc. because they cannot fight on issues against Modi. For them, the main issue is Modi

Modi Lies

Modi has failed to address any of the pertinent election issues like farmer distress, rising unemployment, economic crisis, corruption etc. throughout his election campaign. He has consistently diverted the conversation by making false claims about previous PMs and governments rather than focusing on issues of the current day. Congress President Rahul Gandhi has repeatedly challenged […]

May 16, 2019

LIE: The only people whose jobs are being lost are political leaders whom the people have continuously rejected in the elections and are set to reject them again. It is these political parties and their friends who are saying there are no jobs. But what do the facts say?

Modi Lies

According to NSSO data, unemployment rate was 6.1%, a 45 year high. Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy stated that 11 million Indians lost their jobs in 2018, with rural India taking the worst hit reporting 84% of the job losses. According to statistics released by the Labour Bureau, job creation or job growth for 2015 […]

April 17, 2019

LIE: Congress did not care about Adivasis

Modi Lies

The only truth in the information provided by PM Modi is that the said ministry was formed under Vajpayee government. Funds released for the tribal programmes have been slashed by large amounts which shows the mindset of the NDA government towards tribal welfare. The allocation to Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana (VKY) has been slahsed from Rs 100 crores […]

November 26, 2018

LIE: What has the Congress done in the last 70 years for farmers? The Congress’ neglect of the agriculture sector is very well known

Modi Lies

The Indian economy at the time of independence was in a really bad shape where we were dependent on other countries for food. The five year plans were devised targeting agriculture, industries and education to turn India into a self-reliant economy. Agricultural output in terms of food grain production increased from 50.82 million tonnes in […]

May 5, 2018

LIE: The excess of cash was fuelling inflation

Modi Lies

Modi is trying to act like an economist, but what he forgets is that he is not one. His statement is based on his understanding that more cash means higher inflation. No. That is not the case. We have many examples from across the world, Germany is a very prominent example, to prove this argument […]

December 31, 2016