Lie: Not only J&K, but the entire country is witnessing a new dawn of peace

Modi Lies / Tuesday, January 28th, 2020

On 28th of Jan 2020, Mr.Modi stood in front of the courageous and disciplined young girls and boys of the NCC. In front of these warriors who strive to uphold the ideals of this Nation, what Mr.Modi did was LIE. Old habits are, indeed, really hard to die.

While Mr.Modi said the entire country is witnessing a new dawn of peace, here’s the sad reality:

  • According to the Spectator Index, an international survey of 64 countries, 

India is the 5th MOST DANGEROUS country to live in the world

  • In the category of Safety and Security, India is placed at the bottom. Ranking a lowly 60 out of 64 countries.
  • In the survey, Expat Insider 2019, 40% of respondents reported negative feelings about peacefulness in the country.

Mr.Modi, how can there be peace in our historically peaceful country when you are constantly attempting to pit brother against brother, sister against sister?

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