Lie: Our North East is our pride. Their culture, traditions and demography remains untouched by this Amendment (CAA 2019). The Central Govt has taken care of it specifically

Modi Lies / Sunday, January 12th, 2020

Mr.Modi’s indifference to his own people reaches another level of apathy when he consciously LIES about and ignores the plight of Indians. On 12th Jan 2020, Mr.Modi LIED that the North East, their culture, tradition and demography will remain untouched by CAA ‘19. 

What was most ironic while he made this claim was the fact that he said this from the ramparts in Kolkata in contrast to Assam or any other place in the NE because his trip to Assam, scheduled just 5 DAYS PREVIOUSLY (on 7th Jan 2020), stood cancelled. And the reason for a cancelled trip? Full-fledged protests and agitations against the same CAA ‘19.

While we can’t stop Mr.Modi from lying, here’s the truth about the many problem areas in the CAA ‘19 which adversely affects the North-East and the anti-CAA protests.

  • Threat of determination of citizenship on religious lines and Violation of the Assam Accord

In Assam and other north-eastern States (historically suffered from the problem of illegal immigrants), linguistic and cultural identities of indigenous communities are the basis of citizenship demands. 

Granting citizenship on the basis of religion compounds their problem to tackle the illegal migrants crisis by a manifold. They face the destruction of their traditions, cultures and languages by non-indegenous peoples who are now eligible for citizenship only because of their religion.

The Assam Accord was signed, in 1985 between the Rajiv Gandhi Govt. and leaders of the Assam Movement, to provide relief to the NE peoples. It aimed to protect these people on the basis of their culture and language and NOT on their religion. Thus the CAA ‘19, which readily provides citizenship to illegal immigrants (esp Bangladeshi) on the basis of their religion, is in clear violation of the Assam Accord.

  • Change in cut-off date from 24/3/1971 to 31/12/14

The CAA ‘19 not only grants citizenship to illegal immigrants settled in the NE before 24th March 1971 – on the basis of religion, but also grants citizenship to illegal immigrants settled there between March 1971 and Dec 2014 – again on the basis of their religion. This violates the 1971 cut-off date as mentioned in the Assam Accord.

  • Agitations for about 2months now – no dialogue no resolution;

Also, if the CAA ‘19 did not affect the NE, then the whole of the NE would not be agitating against the CAA for the past 2 months. It is important to remember here, that 5 people have lost their lives during these anti-CAA agitations.

Clearly, Mr.Modi is disconnected from the deliberately ignores the ground realities in India, especially so in the North-East.

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