Lie: In the last few years, the speed of influx of FDI in India has increased. FDI, for me, has two meanings. For me, FDI is, ‘First Develop India’

Modi Lies / Friday, December 20th, 2019

Of all the lies Mr.Modi speaks, his insistence that he is the best person to “attract” foreign investment is the most ridiculous.

Recently he took this frivolous conjecture to another level by claiming that, for him, FDI also means “First Develop India”.

Let’s look at why these claims are whimsical:

  • With respect to FDI influx into India, these graphs are self explanatory



  • And also, in terms of inequality-adjusted Human Development Index or IHDI, India’s rank is a lowly 130 out of 150 countries. 

Looks like in reality, for Mr.Modi FDI stands for “First Destroy India”.

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