LIE: Unlike the previous govt, we don’t keep complaining about lack of funds. (in reference to the Army)

Modi Lies / Friday, April 19th, 2019

PM Narendra Modi made these remarks in reference to the Army, alleging that the previous UPA government did not provide enough funds to the armed forces. Here is the true picture of BJP government: in 2018, Indian Army decided to drastically cut down its supplies from state-owned ordnance factories from 94 to 50% as the Centre had not provided additional funds for emergency procurements of ammunition and spares. Soldiers will have to spend their own money to buy uniforms and other clothes from civilian markets. In the same year, over Rs 11,595 cr or 13.4% of funds earmarked for purchase of military equipment had been returned unspent, leaving several major contracts hanging.

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Image Courtesy: Times Now

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