Lie: The whole country is thankful to UP for electing a worthy govt after 30 years, a govt that takes strong decisions. After 30 years of hopelessness, we have brought vikaas

Modi Lies / Friday, February 15th, 2019

Since Ajay Bisht’s government took charge in March 2017, there have been 2,351 shootouts and 63 encounter deaths, spread across 24 districts, until August 2018. The SC has ordered a court monitored SIT or CBI investigation.

In three months of 2018, UP reported 76,416 crimes against women, compared to 49,262 in all of 2016 (NCRB) . Crimes against women increased by 33% under this government while rape cases have increased by 26%. This is the situation of Vikas in UP which the PM is hiding.

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