LIE: Now, culprits are hanged within 3 days, 7days, 11 days & a month. Steps are being taken continuously to get daughters justice & results are evident

Modi Lies / Thursday, January 31st, 2019
The Prime Minister went a step ahead this time to claim rapists are hanged within a set time frame. The claim made by Modi is misleading on many accounts. For one, there is no way of making such a claim as National Crime Records Bureau has not released data after 2016. The last hanging in India was in 2015 which was of Yakub Menon. Second, in the Unnao rape case where a BJP MLA was involved justice still has to see the light of the day.

After spending 56% of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao funds on marketing related activities and completely failing to protect India’s daughters, he now lies further to cover his failures.

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Image Courtesy: IndiaTv

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