LIE: CBI is not acceptable to them (Congress) today, tomorrow it will be some other institution. Army, Police, SC, EC, CAG, everyone is wrong except them

Modi Lies / Saturday, January 12th, 2019

One only has to look at the recent events that unfolded with the CBI director, Alok Verma, to know that it is Modi & Co. who are interfering with the autonomy of all institutions in India. He was removed undemocratically at midnight from his position because of his intent to investigate the Rafale deal. He filed a plea in the Supreme Court, which ruled in favour and re-instated him. No more than 48 hours later he was again removed by a PM led committee with a 2:1 vote. Alok Verma later tendered his resignation. Election Commission, RBI, CBI, Judiciary and the Rajya Sabha – all of these democratic institutions have faced the brunt of this autocratic government. 

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