LIE: Last govt. made 25 lakh houses but we made 1.25 crore houses in 4 years

Modi Lies / Friday, October 19th, 2018

PM Modi made this claim when he visited the centenary year celebrations of Shri Saibaba Samadhi. According to the Standing Committee Report on Rural Development 2015-16, between 2007 and 2010 75.11 lakh houses were built. The screenshot from the report is attached below:

The same report also states that from the year 2010-2014, 87.23 lakh houses were built. The figures from the same report are given below:

Modi’s second claim that BJP government has built 1.25 cr houses in the last four years is also false. Accoriding to the official website data, the BJP govt has managed to build only 52.66 lakh houses of their target of approximately 1 crore houses which is 52.7% target achieved. Lying on the centenary celebration of Shri Saibaba Samadhi should remind the nation that Mr. Modi has reached a new level of low in his political career. 

Image Courtesy: Workplace

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