LIE: According to a WHO report, deaths of 3 lakh children were prevented due to Swacchta Abhiyan

Modi Lies / Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

Looks like Modiji needs a dictionary to differentiate between the phrases ‘can be saved’ and ‘were prevented’. The report actually reads “In a statement that would encourage Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM), the World Health Organisation (WHO) said that around three lakh lives can be saved if the Swachh Bharat Mission is implemented fully and properly.”
Moreover, the Standing Committee on Rural Development in its 51st report on Swachch Bharat Mission has found an unspent balance to the tune of Rs 9,890 crore under the scheme. The Centre has claimed about 84 per cent of sanitation coverage in rural areas of the country on May 24, 2018. However, the committee found that the sanitation figures seemed to be more on paper but the actual progress on the ground level is very lethargic. The report was presented in July 2018

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Image Courtesy: India Today

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