LIE: ‘We will provide all measures to improve the condition of farmers in India’

Modi Lies / Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

Sample this – during the announcement of MSP, the government and the PM constantly pointed out how they have provided MSP at 1.5 times the cost. Two different sides of the same story have come to light – one, Home Minister Rajnath Singh announced MSP for crops stating it is 1.5 times the cost. Second, NITI Aayog dismissed the formula provided by the Swaminathan Commission to calculate costs at C2. What else other than ‘jumlas’ can we expect from the government? During UPA’s term, the average increase of MSP was 12% while under Modi Govt it is a paltry 2.5%.

The following table confirms the failure to implement the Swaminathan Commission Report.


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Image Courtesy: Financial Express

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