LIE: Whoever sends maximum amount of money to Delhi will get the CM-ship in Congress

Modi Lies / Saturday, May 5th, 2018

BJP should be the last party to accuse Congress of corruption. Yedurappa and Reddy brothers who have been closely associated with the word “corruption” were not only given tickets but were offered high posts, as well. While, Yedurappa was honored with a Chief Ministerial post, in an interview he admitted that “Janardhana Reddy is not contesting the polls, just helping the party so that we win Ballari and the 15 adjoining districts.”

Besides, Yeddyurappa has “no objection to taking help” from the Ballari strongman, who is campaigning for the party from six districts, as long as the “target of achieving 150 seats is achieved”. Moreover, in its quest to form the government in Karantaka, despite not having majority, the BJP tried to poach MLA’S from other parties by offering each MLA Rs. 100 cr.

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Image Courtesy: India Today

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