LIE: What has the Congress done in the last 70 years for farmers? The Congress’ neglect of the agriculture sector is very well known

Modi Lies / Saturday, May 5th, 2018

The Indian economy at the time of independence was in a really bad shape where we were dependent on other countries for food. The five year plans were devised targeting agriculture, industries and education to turn India into a self-reliant economy. Agricultural output in terms of food grain production increased from 50.82 million tonnes in 1950-51 to 265.05 million tonnes in 2013-14. Various schemes and interventions led to this increase:

  1. The National Extension Service (NES) Blocks in 1953
  2. The Intensive Agricultural District Programme (IADP) in 1961-62
  3. The Intensive Agricultural Area Programme (IAAP) 1964-65
  4. The High Yielding Variety (HYV) programme 1966-67
  5. Green Revolution 1966-67
  6. The Small and Marginal Farmers’ Development Programmes (SMFDP) in 1971-72
  7. Marginal Farmer and Agriculture Labor Agency (MFALA)
  8. Command Area Development Programme (CADP) 1974-75
  9. Farmers Agriculture Service Centers (FASCs) 1983-84
  10. Comprehensive Crop Insurance Scheme (1985)
  11. Bharat Nirman (2005)
  12. Aam Aadmi Bima Yojana (2007)
  13. Swavlamban (2010)
  14. Operation Flood
  15. National Mission on Oilseeds and Oil Palm (NMOOP)

Additionally, loans waivers by Congress governments have also helped in uplifting farmers.
Rs 60,000 cr by UPA in 2008
Punjab: Rs. 330 cr
Karnataka: Rs. 34000 crore

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