LIE: Now that Aadhaar has been implemented and the poor are benefiting, they (Congress) have a problem with its implementation

Modi Lies / Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

One of the innumerable u-turns which Modi has taken after becoming the PM is on the Aadhaar. Before becoming the PM, Modi had opposed the Bill tooth and nail. Its implementation was stalled primarily due to the Opposition from leaders of the current ruling party. However, after coming to power, they changed their minds.

The concept of Aadhaar, which the Congress tried to bring in as an instrument of empowerment, was distorted and implemented in such a way that it benefits them in multiple ways. They have turned it into an instrument to control people, by accessing or letting others access all the data. It was shocking for the people of India to hear the new on how many central and state government websites publicly displayed a lot of data regarding many beneficiaries which were clearly meant to be ‘confidential’.

Soon we heard the news about how access to a billion aadhaar details were compromised for a nominal fee of Rs 500. So yes, the implementation is highly flawed, and the people of India are suffering.

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Image Courtesy: The Tribune

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