LIE: I review government projects every month. A specific project came to my notice. It was a 42-year-old project. Seventy kilometres-72 kilometres of railway lines were to be laid, but the project was lying in limbo for the last 42 years

Modi Lies / Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

This misleading statement is made to exhibit the good governance under BJP where projects are undertaken and completed without delay. But facts say otherwise. In 2016 -2017, new projects worth Rs 13.8 trillion were announced out of which only projects worth Rs 6.34 trillion were completed while rest were stalled.

In the following year, new projects announced witnessed a sharp 52% decrease to Rs 6.62 trillion out of which an abysmal Rs 3.7 trillion were completed while the rest were stalled. In the March quarter 2018 itself, projects worth Rs 3.3 trillion has been dropped. Projects dropped under Modi govt are at an all time high and this is the reality of Modi’s good governance.

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