LIE: He (referring to Rahul Gandhi) said he will extract coconut juice in Manipur. Have you ever heard about coconut juice? He will set up ‘aloo ki factory’ in UP

Modi Lies / Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

PM Modi made this statement in an election rally in UP on 1st March, 2017. It is common for Mr. Modi to leave the PMO and campaign for elections in various states. It is also common for him to continuously mock the opposition by cooking up stories. This is one such story where Mr. Rahul Gandhi speaks of pineapple juice and and Modiji mocks him by twisting the words to coconut juice.

At a rally in UP, Mr Rahul Gandhi speaks of the promise made by the BJP government to set up a factory that produces potato chips and not potato. So once again, Mr. Modi has picked up the words convenient for his campaign and cheap mockery.

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Image Courtesy: The Tribune

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