LIE: More electricity supplied during Eid than Diwali in U.P

Modi Lies / Sunday, February 19th, 2017

At a rally in Fatehpur in the run up to UP Assembly elections, the PM said that if there is electricity during Ramadan, there should be electricity during Diwali as well. There should be no difference between the two. Official statistics show a completely different picture.

Power supply on Eid (6th July, 2016) was 13,500MW while that on Diwali (28th Oct to 1st Nov, 2016) was 15,400 MW per day. It’s clear that facts don’t go down well with our PM but making such a statement clearly indicated that the PM is trying to polarize voters on religious lines in a state where the social fabric is already strained.

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Image Courtesy: Khabar India

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