LIE: Kisan Credit Cards were launched in 1998, but so far, it was essential to go to a bank, to use them. Now, farmers will have RuPay Debit Cards, which they can use anywhere

Modi Lies / Saturday, December 31st, 2016

When you have nothing new to introduce/inaugurate, what do you do? Think? PM Modi would rename schemes. Seems like he has got his degree in renaming/re-inaugurating/appropriating UPA schemes. RuPay cards against Kisan Credit Cards is just another scheme which was already in place since 2012.

The provision to get RuPay cards against Kisan Credit Cards was introduced in an RBI guideline in 2012. Dear Prime Minister, it doesn’t look nice to see you speaking lies all the time. We look forward to hear about some of your ‘own’ achievements.

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Image Courtesy: India Unbound

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